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Summary article which cares about 3D printer vol.5

3 doodler
Pen in hand-painted 3D printing can be
More 3D printers type pen, Mackie Beau not pen at high temperatures, it prints.

At Kicksterter for $ 50 pre-order.
DoCoMo, can buy and sell handmade piece of public service'd creators begin in may
http://www.Nikkei.com/article/DGXNASFK18029_Y3A210C1000000/ DoCoMo also entered.
Of course 3D printer works well.
Listing fees are 315 yen per month, sales commissions and clearing fees for purchases 25%;
Also personally I kinda high care about )

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For iPad app can create a 3D character in the sense of paper clay "123 D Creature released ( Autodesk )
3D printer Studio also introduced the モデリングアプリ.

This article and articles around the 123 D Creature is ranked at the top of Japan's AppStore!
Making things ticking, financing--sharing 3D data and technical information
Launch ieiri said Liverty Inc. ticking (Member wanted in).
Currently working on ticking from manufacturing version recipe TECSHAR

You register your mail address ADITION prior information.
Recruiting investors at home can easily scan for solid desktop 3D scanner development project
http://gigazine.NET/news/20130218-Desktop-3D-scanner/ 3D scanning is here.
Without large-scale equipment
If taking a picture and put it in the box be it CAD data.

Also Kicksterter with CafePress.
The size of dust mites: tiny spaceship 3D printing
In the world of micro-meter 3D printer output can be in.

Range of application is so much Amanda!
3D printer does to manufacturing revolution?
And so outstanding in the maker 3D printer. 1990s was 100 million yen so so.

Advances in technology of modern number of 100000 Yen in sight to behold.
2 weeks as I received off the おまた and I'm sorry.
Profession, had to suddenly exposing themselves I think we'll update within Muri-.

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