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Those Who Really Want to Learn How to Make 3D Objects, or Who Want To Get 'Trained at "3D Dojo", Don't miss K’S DESIGN LAB's "3DDS".



・3DDS is the name of the K’S DESIGN LAB's 3D-service enterprises.
・They will sell and support the installments for, tactile-device-modeler Free Form, 3D scanners, 3D printers, and all sorts of 3D digital tools.
・If you need any help with idea sketching, mock-up creation, and 3D-modeling from all sorts of CAD, ask them and they will make it for you.
・You can get a 3D-object's surface curved with K’s-Design-Lab's original technique "D3 Texture®" if you prefer to.
・Recently it has opened a 3D-printer showroom "3 DDS in CUBE".
・There are level-up technical classes, workshops, and events held at "3D-Dojo".
・They will support your art, media, and TV productions.

Equipment, facilities, and equipment

・3D-printers "Vflash" and the "Projet" are available.
・3D-scanner "smartSCAN", general lazor scanner "Next Engine Scanner", and any other equipments to measure all sorts of things are available.
・"FreeForm", "SolidWorks", "Rhino" are available for the 3D modeling.
・They have "D3 Texture®", the original technique to curve object's surface, featuring full-digital process.

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