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Cube Pro

Cube Pro


・Announced in CES2014
・1-nozzle maximum design size: W27.3cm, H27.3cm, D24.1cm
・2-nozzle maximum design size: W22.9cm, H27.3cm, D24.1cm
・3-nozzle maximum design size: W18.5cm, H27.3cm, D24.1cm
・Layer thickness: Minimum 0.07mm, SDMode 0.2mm, Fastmode 0.3mm
・Printer speed, depending to polymer, maximum 15mm in 1sec.
・Depending by the model, it has 3 nozzles the max and simultaneously output 3 colors.
・24 original colors are available: 2 fluorescent colors included in 24 colors.
・Filament-type: PLA, ABS, dissolvable natural PLA, (nylon, will be available)
・If nylon will be available, you can create an object that is more durable with heat and pressure.
・Quality of ABS-output has improved.
・CubePro can be controlled by Wifi and the touch-screen attached on the top-front of it's body.

Price and Order

$2799(CubePro), $3399(CubePro Duo), $4399(CubePro Trio)
Detailed price list (Japanese)

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