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Many people feel attracted to the possibilities of 3D printers, products, works, creators and would like to.

You can do with 3D printer Studio

To compare the 3D printer
Buzz 3D printer, new product range covers.
You can choose the model in use. Is a 3D printer Studio's most popular corner.

To compare the 3D scanner
An essential part of the 3D printer 3D CAD,
Real's corner can create objects from 3D scanners. Can be created in color and the advances in technology now are surprised!

Japanese 3D printing news
If the 3D printer to quickly get Check out the breaking news! Updated every day.

Check the latest items in the shop
Materials indispensable to 3D printers and 3D printer book,
3D printer you can buy on the net such as referrals. You can see the works created in the 3D printer.

Communication on board
Bulletin Board users became interested in 3D printer is.
From the TV news stories, in-depth topics It's so much become just a study.

Find a 3D printer experience space
You can experience the 3D printer space has emerged.
In this corner is to experience space You can look forward to.

Find a 3D printing service
From 3D models created and hand photos
Introducing service will print on a 3D printer. Figure creation service is popular.

3D data download, you can create a site
Or, download the 3D modeling
Who created the service introduction. Free modeling also came in recently.

Watch handpicked videos 3D printer
In this corner of the 3D printer
Selected video introduction. Now latest model is perfect for people who would like to see what.

Get the latest information on the go
3D printer information in the app get you want here.
From the 3D printer sites and blogs get information in bulk Is a simple display to news reading apps. iPhone / android

Active part in 3D PRINTER STUDIO

Ryo Yoshida
Ryo Yoshida
Yasuko Fujisawa
Yasuko Fujisawa
Yasuko Fujisawa is a Graphic Designer from Japan. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008, then Boston in August, 2014. From her background as a town community manager and publicist, she has developed a passion for research into how people connect with 3D printer technology to improve their lives. Yasuko is actively engaged in discussion about the latest 3D print news with both English and Japanese readers. Find her on twitter @yacco_f
Tomoya Hara
Tomoya Hara
坂本 真司
坂本 真司
3Dプリンター保有業者とのネットワークを構築し、様々なサービスを提供しております。 全国の3Dプリンター保有企業・団体と提携し、早く効率的に3Dプリントサービスを提供しております。現在、全国の3Dプリンター産業用の登録台数は、300台以上。

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3D printer Studio and now,

Looking for fellow large keep enjoying this site. 3D printers and Koko!
I say with
-Attractive sites
Comprehensive site of the 3D printer
Site will help in the development of the 3D printer
Everyone knows sites

Aim that "Japan's largest 3D printer information site'.
3D printer Studio started with such a desire. "Fun 3D printer you may well be! But not settled well can't find information if I'm not useful I once sent their own?

I started to like from, that's about it.
About 3D printer launching entirely ignorant of the
Is a feeling that knowledge we managed to transmit information: fellow.

You can look at, as you can see, to be honest, but this much now not ready.
Want more visibility, and raise the freshness of the information
You like the present 3D printer works There are a lot of things you want to do.

Idea too much I want.
I can try becoming a force, or
I want to know more about this area of the 3D printer or
Or try throwing ideas just now and be counted
Twitter if you @ 3d_printer_std to @, or messages,
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Location: 3-36 -12 Tamagawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoshida Ryo
(Basically contact us to the email address above, please)

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