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Start the 3D printer output with Photoshop CC DMM.make

DMM.com announced partnership with photo editing software for 3D printing services Web site operated by the company 6/26/2014, "DMM.make" and Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop CC. You can use select and this partnership enables 3D print output screen offers the DMM.make 3D printer output service. It's "Shapeways' 3D printing service of the United States been output so far.

In cooperation with the Japan domestic 3D printing service and Photoshop CC said it first.

DMM.make a user developed Photoshop CC-only 3D printing profile to download this profile, possible with Photoshop CC on directly in the service selected colors and materials are available the data preview before you print. [DMM.make 3D print] Quentin made in Adobe Photoshop CC easy 3D DMM.make print https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVE02ey2B-Y

Made in Photoshop, 2D / 3D courses | How to make 3D data to the master video-DMM.make 3D print

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