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General recruitment 3D pen in the air, you can draw three-dimensional art work

Nakabayashi co., Ltd., 3 D the public seeking the original three-dimensional art works created by プリントペン '3 Doodler"(Publisher: United States WobbleWorks Inc.).

Works selected from a page on the official site 'the3doodler.jp' and Omotesando, Tokyo "MoMA design store" special booth to exhibit. MoMA design store, omote-Sando trend of highly areas from the New York Museum of modern art for the first time overseas stores were outlets.

Assortment represents the collection of the Museum is characterized by the design and art interested users, of course, tourists from overseas often customers are. 3 Doodler's 3D プリントペン can be produced free 3D art by drawing letters and pictures. General 3D printer 3D data into 3-d art production or special software is not needed. The recruitment period from 6/13/2014 up to 7/10.
Works for a 2014 26-year July 19-7/31 plan.

Nakabayashi: [papers works of 3D art 3D pen can draw in the air 3 Doodler (スリードゥードゥラー)]

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