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Rent A 3D Scanner and More: DMM Iro-Iro Rental

DMM.com [3Dスキャナー Sense センス] スキャナーレンタル


DMM(Japan) provides a rental service “Iro-Iro Rental” that you can order various things for business, home, hobby, etc. This service has 3D scanner SENSE (3D Systems) its original price is $399, but you can rent it for 1,980 yen/2-days (about $20/2-days). The product detail page has reviews from the customers who have rented the products, therefore you can make a more informed decision before you rent it. DMM also runs a 3D print service DMM 3D Print, so you are able to printout the 3D scanned data with their high quality printers.

Price and Order

Detailed price list (Japanese)

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