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3D printing from forth four photos with the figure create "Fotofig"

FOTOFIG 【写真からオリジナル フィギュア作成】3Dプリント |


Create a figure from hobby took forth four photo service

Size is 150 mm-250 mm

Usually delivered in 1-2 months

Full-color plaster

Hobby other than digital cameras are OK Can also create 3D data OK

Price and Order

If the beta-test campaign in the after picture posted rates below.
Creating a 3D data only 29800 yen.
3D data creation + 3 D print figure 150 mm less than for ¥ 39800
3D data creation + 3 D print figure 200 mm within 49,800 yen

3D data creation + 3 D print figure 250 mm within a yen of 64800
Create a pedestal (+ 5000 Yen Zhai put strike also available) Surface finishing in filing racks and wax (+10000 yen)
Detailed price list (Japanese)

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