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Experience Making Honda`s Car on "Honda 3D Design Archives" Website.

Honda 3D Design Archives


Honda released special website allowing users to use it's concept car 3D-data. All full-scale concept cars were introduced by Honda in the past. It is a second project that follows a brand advertising footage, Super Ultra Daydreams, released in the opening at Tokyo-Motor-Show's press conference on 2013. By releasing this website, Honda is aiming to have new way of customer relationship with users.

・All released 3D files are on the basis of new copyright criterion,' Creative Commons 4.0'
・3D data can be deformed, reedited, or shared with other users freely if it is non-commercial use.
・Downloaded 3D file can be printed by home 3D printer.(and have fun with it)
・Simply you also can watch 3D file from any side angle on the website by rotating with your mouse.
・Special website for twitter, click to the right ' Honda 3D'

Introduction videos

Honda : Super ultra daydreams

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