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A Store INTER-CULTURE is Now Featuring a Limited-Time Offer for "The Removing Supports Service" for Your 3D-Printed Model At Discounted Price.



Between July 1st to July 31st of 2014, remove-3D-model-support prices are discounted to half of regular prices of all of any three delivery dates you can select from, and a minimum price is 1500yen plus 3D-print price. (Removing supports are plastic scaffolds that support the 3D print as it prints.) The service only allows ABS-like resin and transparent resin that are used for the stereolithography printing. For each order, it only removes supports from one object in each 3D-print file.

INTER-CULTURE is operated by SOLIZE Products Cooperation (former name:Cooperation Incs).It has a long-established history of more than 20 years in the 3D printing business and has wide range of know-hows and proven track records of business with major automobile manufacturers, consumer electronics, and medical industries.

※The list of remove-3D-model-support service cannot do.
・A shape where it is shorter than 0.8mm or if there is possibility of being easily damaged.
・If there is possibility of breakage when it is on delivery.
・Where we cannot reach our hands or tools.
・For more details, please go to 「Notice for when you create 3d-print file with thinking of removing support after it is printed」.

Price and Order

Regular Prices:3,000yen with 3D-print price plus 15 day delivery, 4,500yen with 3D-print price plus 11 day delivery, 6,000yen with 3D-print price plus 8 day delivery
Limited-time offer between July 1st to July 31st of 2014: 1,500yen with 3D-print price plus 15 day delivery, 2,250yen with 3D-print price plus 11 day delivery, 3,000yen with 3D-print price plus 8 day delivery
Detailed price list (Japanese)

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