Companion wanted! Looking for fellow 3D printer Studio fun, keep.

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Looking for fellow large keep enjoying this site. 3D printers and Koko!
I say with
-Attractive sites
Comprehensive site of the 3D printer
Site will help in the development of the 3D printer
Everyone knows sites

Aim that "Japan's largest 3D printer information site'.
3D printer Studio started with such a desire. "Fun 3D printer you may well be! But not settled well can't find information if I'm not useful I once sent their own?

I started to like from, that's about it.
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Is a feeling that knowledge we managed to transmit information: fellow.

You can look at, as you can see, to be honest, but this much now not ready.
Want more visibility, and raise the freshness of the information
You like the present 3D printer works There are a lot of things you want to do.

Idea too much I want.
I can try becoming a force, or
I want to know more about this area of the 3D printer or
Or try throwing ideas just now and be counted
Twitter if you @ 3d_printer_std to @, or messages,
If Facebook facebook page to send messages.

Here is the email form .
I waiting for your message!

From this 3D printer Studio thank you. join the facebook community!
Nice 3D printer Studio facebook page!
You can join community and press. Nice! You can get the latest information posted to 3D printer Studio and press!