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I asked on Twitter! The recommended software created by 123 D Catch data processing? "Meshmixer'

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-3 can use 3D models created on the iPad computer for editing 3D mesh model, developed by Autodesk, and scan the 3D data and commands can be handled with intuitive operation are often incorporated-has been released from the company 123 D Catch in 3D data editing also introduced ago the effective Autodesk was popular, go '123 D Catch' from people who actually use ' Please tell me app can edit the data you created!

"With upon request, so I tried poses a question on Twitter towards the world. It stays in the eyes of the Autodesk fondly hopes, as "If you edit the data created in the 123d Catch how Autodesk application?? "And Tweets. , from Canada using the 123 D Catch designer ' to work when you edit the data for 3D printing, data clean-up and mash-up Meshmixier very good. ', And got through Autodesk app Meshmixer.
, now have to work on films and commercials based in Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro that from ' I hope use Zbrush to after using the Meshmixer. "And given advice.
it is nice hearing live advice from people who have worked in addition to the information in the official Web site of the app and review site, in this way from the usual 3D printing.

Using the translation tools can only information about the 3D printing in Japan than in the United States and Europe and yet still less often, but Twitter short sentences create stirs questions in the world, so that it can be while participating in the community's! In Canada suggested in interact's official account [abroad related to 3D print Twitter account: @meshmixer Meshmixer @gregoryfowler Meshmixier designer @Tojek_VFX this trip recommended to Zbrush VFX (Visual effects ) industry towards @ 3DPrint_news 3 things about D print if anything @msenese. Widely, together with the case studies and videos from news about the U.S. magazine MAKE me through eyes also tweets about 3D printer Studio article Editor @ 3 dprintindustry 3D printing Tweet there also!

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