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Excellence Award is a 3D printer! The monotheist "first 3D modeling contest '

 第1回 3Dモデリングコンテスト - MONOist(モノイスト)


-3D print for output data hold a monotheist , idea contest has set original anime Division, smart device case Division commercial Department, participated in a wide range of ideas, such as smart phone case, accessories, bicycle parts in each Department and can be determined award 1 piece at a time, 3D printer is awarded to the winners and judges Illustrator anzai Hajime, nobumichi Tosa of Maywa Denki-contest submissions are until the end of February ( below Tentative dates: between is. For more information, see contest details page ) inquiries regarding contest 3D modeling contest Secretariat ( 3d_contest@ml.itmedia.co.jp )

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