Privacy policy

3D printer Studio ( below our Organization ), privacy policy stated the following, creating a personal information protection system, recognition of the importance of protecting personal information and will promote the protection of personal information by strictly. 1. management of personal information Taken necessary measures of employee education and security system maintenance and management system of our group keeps accurate and up-to-date personal information, to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, corruption, falsification, leakage, such as strict personal information and security measures and control is performed. 2. cookies and IP addresses and location information Not used to collect personally identifiable information. Get a statistical usage information such as OS browser of the site pages you visit IP address logged to the access log and position information, time, user, we use only website and provide applications using trend analysis and improve services for. Also, it is possible for cookies and location information to deny in the settings of the browser or device. If no service is received and to reject cookies and location information that also disclosed. 3. identify the purpose of personal information use When our bodies handle personal information, identify the purpose of use as possible. 4. Prohibition of disclosure of personal information Our bodies properly manages personal information obtained from users and will not disclose the personal information to any third party unless either of the following are true. And if there is consent -When you disclose the supplier to outsourced our bodies to perform the services requested by the user And if that disclosure is required by law where needed And if there is life, body, or necessary for the protection of property, and consent of the individual is difficult when And when might improve public health or to promote the healthy development of children in particular need, and consent is difficult And when there is likely to impede the execution of the affairs can get the consent of the individual, when it is necessary to cooperate in executing the operations prescribed by laws and regulations of organs of the State or local government or entrusted 5. personal information security measures Group for the accuracy of personal information and ensure the safety of security take take all possible measures. 6. changes of use of personal information And notifying the person for purposes beyond the reasonable scope to change the purpose of use of personal information is our having purpose of use before the change and relevance of the modified or released. 7. your information That person in an inquiry of personal information, correction and deletion such as users will respond on. 8. compliance with laws and regulations and review Our bodies are laws applicable to personal information held by Japan, as well as comply with regulations and other contents of this policy review and strive to improve. 9. contact us For inquiries about your personal information, we accept email. Operated from: 3D printer Studio ( contact :contact@3d-printer-studio.com )