Browse the 3D printer Studio ("our Organization") of the service users, posts and will accept the contents of these terms to use the.

(1) service, 3D printer-related information portal service is.
(2) If you wish to post in your use of the services, users, follow our prescribed procedure, do register to the service.
(3) unavailable features of the service by the user environment, or restricted. And the latest browser or operating system, please enable images, javascript, css and cookies.
(4) cannot function provided by this service cannot register if, or restricted.
(5) in the services view, post and use provider-Internet connection communication charges will apply separately.
(6) this usage contract and cancellation is all what you going through the operation of PC and mobile terminal owned by the user (hereinafter the 'terminal' referred simply). Our Organization is considered users making all operations done in the Terminal.
(7) rights including copyright to the various types of content offered through the services and the service of a belong to gave the license to our Organization, or our third party. Users is information provided by this service, to our unauthorized reproduction or copying, reproduction, modification, public transmission, and must not be used beyond the scope of personal use or other things.
(8) if the user occurs, infringe the rights of any third party rights of self respect, to resolve such issues at their own expense and responsibility, as well as not annoyance or damage to our bodies.
(9) users self responsibility and cost sharing by management of authentication credentials and, to lend, assign, sell, pawn, publishing, etc., or use third party authentication information can not.
(10) Association below to achieve the purpose of using cookies and IP addresses, user agrees to accept this.
(1) to avoid having to enter all by entering the registration information some users.
(2) analyze user trends, planning a better service, to provide.
(3) over multiple times, to be adjusted to not expose the same ads.
(D) to prevent unauthorized use.
(11) users on Terminal users have viewed this service only on your offers. Is service to our unauthorized reproduction or copying, reproduction, modification, and shall not accumulate or transfer.
(12) is the hereafter and shall not take any actions to appropriate items.
(1) Association services and third party rights infringement or an act may
(Ii) infringing other users or a third party's property, honour, privacy, etc.
(C) acts or provide false information, or use for illegal purposes
(D) would act of posting links to sites, adult sites, dating, heterosexual encounters or intended to induce Act
(5) acts intended to profit despite the Group approval is not related to service
(6) action to slander or interfere with the provision of the services of our Organization
(7) criminal acts or criminal acts in the Act
(H) acts contrary to public order and morals or acts with the fear
(9) acts that violate laws and regulations or acts with the fear
(J) deems inappropriate group
(13) information you send through the service user ( might not it means post, write, etc.. Collectively send information ), our bodies against reproduction, public transmission (including the making transmittable) or other distribution etc assumes that you accept a free and non-exclusive right. Also, users and claims of moral rights related to send information and will not.
(14) user is hereinafter the shall not send any such items of information. Submission information: deleted without notification to the user of any group if you, and we will change. However, our Organization is not liable for the obligation to send information deleted and changes, as well as obligation to monitor user activity.
(A) contrary to the purpose of this service information
(2) personal information (includes information that can identify individual combination of multiple information)
(3) information containing expressions contrary to public order and morals
(4) including representation to political, religious and business information
(E) representation to infringe the rights of third parties, including information
(6) General information including the express and offensive to other users
(G) information containing a representation intended to induce or wish information system site related expressions and contents, including adult sites, dating the opposite sex and dating
(8) information that hinders the provision of the services of our Organization
(9) be deemed inappropriate by the Association and other information
(15) If you do regular or urgent maintenance of the facilities required to provide the service on such equipment fails, our Organization is necessary if you have the Association can suspend provision of the service, without notice to the user.
(16) what can our organizations are breach users terms, stops providing the service to users or remove these terms and then, after the date of such suspension or termination the user and shall not use the service.
(17) our organizations can service and this agreement without prior notice revise, add, change or abolish.
(18) users are any rights pertaining to these terms or obligations transferred to third parties or not transferable.
(19) if the terminated due to cancellation, termination of agreement would be required on the service contract pertaining to your use of telecommunications services and telecommunications business between the user and the relying party agreement and contracts between Internet connection operators and Internet access services to the terms also automatically terminate as of the date of such termination.
(20) it is not to guarantee the contents fully pay attention to information posted on the service. 3D printer Studio and administrators are liable to any damage caused by the use of our services and browse. In addition, liable to the damages caused by the Web site disguised as a service. If the URL of the service or information is subject to change without notice.
(21), if your use of the services, damages incurred even if any group is not responsible.
(22) to configure some of the terms if forth this terms of service, our terms and conditions.
(23) governed Japan law and the interpretation of these terms. If not resolved, but that discussion in good faith in the case disputes or questions regarding this service or this agreement between the user and the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court No. the and exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.

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