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Failure to share and complement each other! Failure example pictures of 3D printing "The Art of 3D Print Failure'

Flickr: The The Art of 3D Print Failure Pool


-There is the comment failed 3D printer outputs photo posting and browsing, Flickr photo sharing group and each photo, fails when the situation, reasons and considerations-users can comment feedback posted photos and suggestions for improvement-thing to share photos and comments, users print capacity and purpose-members currently about 500 people post pictures 200 copies has exceeded (11/2013 present) examples of photos and Print failed.

Print failed... Failure examples occur in printed materials and fell from the platform, has a print continues intact. • Disney Fail Disney Fail Walt Disney image to print. Do not work as you set the print speed, failed 2 times.

Posted by is leave comment 'could see the solution, so also tomorrow to print'. -Untitled Untitled ' I grows past the line of so many so why? ' That 'maybe temperature too high for may' answer to members ' comments posted.

See comment so useful sometimes. - Http://www.flickr.com/photos/richrap/6233570987/in/pool-3d-print-failures/ , going up the filament while printing. Posted by mourning and starfish, alas.

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