Cubify 401411 CubeX 3D Printer Cartridge ABS Yellow

Cubify 401411 CubeX 3D Printer Cartridge ABS Yellow Click here to buy : http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00D918IA6?tag=dedik-21 Cubify 401411 ...

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  • 3D TOUCH
    Material is ABS, PLA. -Passing data USB memory usage and maximum 3 colors at the same time output is available, successor to the CubeX 3D Systems 3D TOUCH 3D printer models's
  • CubeX is released in Japan! From 6/1
    Desktop 3D printers and 3D touch, popular Now that the successor to "CubeX" is finally released in Japan! Primary treatment in Japan is as follows. システムクリ co., Ltd. iGUAZU MUTOH When buying a 3D printer in Japan (PDF) I also was wonde…
  • Summary articles this week about 3D printer that vol.1
    3D printer could make 'meat'? Pizza too? Came here from overseas studies That investment is the founder of Paypal, not NetA just now talking. Video: 3-color molding can be home 3D printer CubeX & new Cube The CubeX new larger size so it will. …
  • CubeX
    Simultaneous output up to 3 colors (3 type resin) is possible, basketball-sized output possible and bearing resolution is 0.125 mm, use ABS and PLA materials are possible and cartridge-type 3D Systems CubeX 3D printer models

Introduction to CubeX

CubeX Trio triple head external dimensions 515 × 515 × 598 (mm) maximum design size (width × depth × height) 185 × 265 × 240 (mm) Z direction resolution 0.1 mm print (not considering the effects of shrinkage and warpage) accuracy X, Y axis ± 1% (of art) is ± 0.2 mmZ axis ± 50% power supply and consumption power 100 v-240 V maximum head temperature 280 ° c material ABS/PLA/Disposal Natural PLA power supply / power consumption 100 V, 50 / 60 Hz To CubeX trio material to your environment and con...

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