FDM Up Close: Stratasys Fortus 450mc Tour

Watch as our 3D printing experts take you on a working tour of the Stratasys Fortus 450mc FDM 3D printer. This printer has a 16x14x16" build envelope, and ...

Stratasys Topic

  • Objet24
    28 microns (0.028 mm) laminated resolution, materials are light curing resins and maximum output size is 234 x 192.6 x 148.6 mm and can eliminate the support material with water only. Stratasys Japan ( Head Office United States Stratasys ) Objet24 3D printer models
  • Objet30 For
    Price is high but overwhelming high features. Bearing resolution is 0.028 mm's ( when using the VeroClear 0.016 mm )-stratasys Inc. available 7 different kinds of materials ( Headquarters United States Stratasys ) Objet30 Pro 3D printer models
  • Mojo
    Material cartridges and print heads are integrated into the material exchange every time the head be replaced-nozzle maintenance almost unnecessary material is ABSplus resin and color ivory color-bearing resolution is 0.178 mm, maximum output size 127 × 127 × 127 mm and agency of Japan's Marubeni s…
  • 3Dプリンタを活用したDDMの最新事例を紹介!『未来型デジタルファクトリー 3Dプリンティング DDMシンポジウム』が8/27(水)に開催
    ストラタシス・ジャパンが開催する、3Dプリンタを活用したDDM(ダイレクト・デジタル・マニュファクチャリング)の最新事例を紹介するシンポジウム ・ダイレクト・デジタル・マニュファクチャリングとは、デジタルデータから直接生産を行う生産方法 ・3Dプリントに携わる専門家、ユーザー企業、世界各国からの講師らによる講…
  • Stratasys offers MakerBot Desktop 3D printer and scanner
    Start the 6/25/2014 the United States 3D printing company MakerBot 3D printer and scanner products provide a subsidiary Corporation of Stratasys 3D printer manufacturer stratasys Inc. announced. Stratasys Inc. takes a strong presence in the Japan market, infrastructure, and expertise, to help stren…

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