Manutenção do cartucho da impressora 3D Cube3

Videoaula de manutenção completa do cartucho PLA para impressoras 3D Cube 3, da 3D Systems. A quebra do filamento dentro do cartucho é muito comum ...

cube3 Topic

  • CUBE
    Handy compact. -Body cartridge and demo data, USB memory, etc., at a minimum need is one set, try the output immediately-body and 0.2 mm resolution 5 different colors of laminated directions available ABS and PLA materials are possible and cartridge-type 3D Systems Cube 3D printer models
  • Cube3
    Cube 3 was announced at CES2014 as a generation-output maximum size is 15.25 cm wide x 15.25 cm x 15.25 cm depth and pitch is minimum 0.07 mm, 0.2 mm in FastMode and two output head, two different colors available in 23 colors, and can be output simultaneously them 2 colors in fluorescent colors, u…
  • In Tokyo you can experience! 3D printer available spots together
    3D printer available spots can be used freely in the Tokyo metropolitan area are increasing. Like to see 3D printer! Want to touch! Just because a place firmly take from those who want to work that way until use according to different needs, different. Depending on space, introductory workshops an…

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