Stratasys Launches F123 Series Printer at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017

In this press event, Stratasys introduces new approaches and solutions aimed at more easily and affordably creating professional quality 3D printed parts and ...

Stratasys Topic

  • Objet24
    28 microns (0.028 mm) laminated resolution, materials are light curing resins and maximum output size is 234 x 192.6 x 148.6 mm and can eliminate the support material with water only. Stratasys Japan ( Head Office United States Stratasys ) Objet24 3D printer models
  • Objet30 For
    Price is high but overwhelming high features. Bearing resolution is 0.028 mm's ( when using the VeroClear 0.016 mm )-stratasys Inc. available 7 different kinds of materials ( Headquarters United States Stratasys ) Objet30 Pro 3D printer models
  • Mojo
    Material cartridges and print heads are integrated into the material exchange every time the head be replaced-nozzle maintenance almost unnecessary material is ABSplus resin and color ivory color-bearing resolution is 0.178 mm, maximum output size 127 × 127 × 127 mm and agency of Japan's Marubeni s…
  • 3Dプリンタを活用したDDMの最新事例を紹介!『未来型デジタルファクトリー 3Dプリンティング DDMシンポジウム』が8/27(水)に開催
    ストラタシス・ジャパンが開催する、3Dプリンタを活用したDDM(ダイレクト・デジタル・マニュファクチャリング)の最新事例を紹介するシンポジウム ・ダイレクト・デジタル・マニュファクチャリングとは、デジタルデータから直接生産を行う生産方法 ・3Dプリントに携わる専門家、ユーザー企業、世界各国からの講師らによる講…
  • Stratasys offers MakerBot Desktop 3D printer and scanner
    Start the 6/25/2014 the United States 3D printing company MakerBot 3D printer and scanner products provide a subsidiary Corporation of Stratasys 3D printer manufacturer stratasys Inc. announced. Stratasys Inc. takes a strong presence in the Japan market, infrastructure, and expertise, to help stren…

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