3D Printing With an UNLIMITED Z!

Nak 3D Designs looked at the Blackbelt 3d printer and KNEW he could do better AND make it cost much, much less. Enter, the White Knight belt 3d printer.

3D systems Topic

  • 3D TOUCH
    Material is ABS, PLA. -Passing data USB memory usage and maximum 3 colors at the same time output is available, successor to the CubeX 3D Systems 3D TOUCH 3D printer models's
  • CUBE
    Handy compact. -Body cartridge and demo data, USB memory, etc., at a minimum need is one set, try the output immediately-body and 0.2 mm resolution 5 different colors of laminated directions available ABS and PLA materials are possible and cartridge-type 3D Systems Cube 3D printer models
  • 「CES 2015 」 3Dプリンター関連ブースの雰囲気がわかるビデオをまとめてみました!(その4 -3D Systems-)
    3Dプリンタースタジオ 「CES 2015 」 3Dプリンター関連ブースの雰囲気がわかるビデオをまとめてみました!(その4 -3D Systems-) まとめ
  • 3D Systems founder Chuck Hull says 2014 European inventor award
    United States leading 3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems founder Chuck Hull says that 6/17/2014, won the 2014 European inventor award. This award, to honor the inventor who made significant contributions to technological progress and social development to announce each year the European Patent Offi…
  • Domestic user tried a sense 3D scanner voices Roundup
    Sense 3D scanners are commercially available from 3D systems Inc. is a small handheld 3D scanner. 3D scanners are expensive, but unusual, was released at a low price for $ 399 that was talking about. Japan $ 4, report, its use has risen to the WEB and buy one after another and you are interested in…

Introduction to 3D systems

-Large objects from small objects to scan can be Enables data capture in color 3 format of the STL, PLY, OBJ's output format -Better compatibility with 3D printer Cube

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