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"Da Vinci Nobel 1.0", The High-end SLA Printer Cheaper Than Ever.

da Vinci Nobel 1.0


-2014 ' da Vinci Nobel 1.0 ", opened in Taiwan at Computex , announced manufacturer XYZ printing has won the EDITORS CHOICE AWARD in 'da Vinci1.0.
It what again is da Vinci1.0 this Computex and the won the best design award. -$ 2,500 or less and the will be priced SLA printers in most hands easy to ( and SLA, Stereolithography rapid prototyping method that )-jewelry designer, dentist, fast mold construction industries and Resin-filling mechanism and for the ( resin [say the resin] filling mechanism ) remain stable even without filling the resin always users and improve the output quality-output maximum size is 12.7 cm, height 20 cm, 12.7 cm depth, output resolution, 0.025 mm (25 microns), was a reply that is slated for release in 2014, quarter 4 (as noted by 2015, at least) * we have a XYZ printing asked, hasn't formally announced for this product. Is that it cannot be otherwise and to answer related information on other websites. Wait for the future, officially announced that I'll have.

Price and Order

Less than $ 2500 dollars will

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